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Like Subaru, functional and extremely capable, I am trained to handle whatever you need to do and go wherever you need to go.

Marketing Executive (Field Marketing)/เจ้าหน้าที่การตลาด

Dear Mr. Lu,

Since the day I bought my Forester and rolled out of the showroom, I always thought what a great car! Love the brand and how great it would be to be a part of it!

When I saw the Field Marketing Executive open up, I knew it was fate. I am a passionate Brand Expert with years of experience in Event, Field, and Brand Marketing. While currently making an excursion into FinTech, my heart is always into Automotive. I led the Country Marketing and Sales expansion for KTM Asia and as part of that led the company's efforts to expand the Thailand business. I have managed multiple B2B and B2C events eg. Motor Expo 2021, KTM Riders Academy launch in Phuket (partner with Lifestyle Auto Phuket) and Launch of EXC 300/350 and Sport model.

Online Marketing has been one of my priorities since graduted from Master in Corporate Management. With KTM, I managed to accelerate the reach and engagement on Social Media - Facebook, TikTok and Line OA, to gain the highest awareness from target customers.

Moreover, business communication is in my DNA. For years I've been working in building partnership with customers/ clients/ dealers/ merchants or even investors. In KTM case, to achieve the target, my role was to also deal and negotiate with local dealers on behalf of the brand. Building trust was the key duty. Not only B2B but supporting B2C has been my area of expertise. With professional and highest level of interpersonal skills, I'm always strongly confident to do networking with the stakeholder in any level.

Why Subaru?

Subaru's time in Thailand only just started. Subaru is a great brand that has a loyal following among car enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on safety, reliability, and performance, Subaru vehicles have earned a reputation for being durable, versatile, and fun to drive.

Thailand is a prooven great market for Subaru due to its growing economy, increasing demand for quality vehicles, and changing consumer preferences. The country has a diverse terrain, from rugged mountain ranges to tropical beaches, making Subaru's AWD system a perfect fit for Thai drivers. Additionally, Subaru has a strong presence in motorsports, which resonates with Thai car enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Thailand's government has been promoting electric vehicles, and Subaru's hybrid models could tap into this growing market. The brand's commitment to sustainability aligns with the country's goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Why Prang?

Please find few examples of Marketing Activities led by me

KTM Riders Academy Launch in Asia



Launch EXC 350 in Motor Expo

KTM Reignite - Photo from Final round at Motor Expo

Reference: Lifestyle Auto Phuket Dealer

Top things I will bring to the team/company

My Subaru Strengths

Dealer Networking

Connecting with Dealers via Phone calls, Chats and Visiting. As a brand or distributor, dealers visiting is a must and needs to be planned. Once I'm appointed, my first task would be visiting all national dealers. Ensure the common moral and Corporate Identity are aligned. Having regular conversation supporting marketing activities in each area, giving guidance in which its needed.

Event Marketing

Budgeting Planning and execute the Event ex. Motor Show, Motor Expo or Roadshows. To support sales in each region, there should be an annual plan foreseeing the trend of the local market, which must matched with the new model launch or highlights.

Dealer Satisfaction

Optimistically, communication keeps people satisfied. Fast communication is even better. Making dealers happy is not only to meet their expectations, but also to manage it. My direct experience dealing with local dealers, there were times of the delayed shipment or miscommunication. Instead of waiting for them to chase, I approached and kept them communicating. So that we can monitor and delay dealers' pain point.

Customer Satisfaction

As a marketing executive, I will update or create best practices of how each showroom could manage Customer Satisfaction. This includes the After Sales service. Hence, not only the sales number but the after sales will be scored (NPS) too. There could be online platform sharing with each dealer or having regular conferences with sales and after sales departments to set the seal on Subaru standard.

Let's talk!

Thank you for your time, please feel free to call me at ... or drop me a mail at, you can also use the form below at your convince and I will set up some time for us.

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